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Wellbeing Trainer and Consultant From Wales, United Kingdom

About Marie: I have been working in the healthcare sector for 32 years and have been delivering award winning bespoke specialist training and workshops for 22 years in activity and lifestyles, dementia and massage.

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Marie 14th Jan 2019 Wellbeing Trainer and Consultant

Aromatherapy for the Elderly

Hi Solange, Thank you for your response.
In the UK you need to be a professional qualified Aromatherapist to not only blend but to apply. We also have to have public liability insurance which are sourced from organisations such as If you are an Activity Coordinator, living in the UK, you will not be able to use Aromatherapy oils. You will need to be a trained practitioner. You will also need to have training in massage to understand the history and benefits of massage, contraindications, contra actions and much more. For 20 years, i have been teaching a wide range of holistic massage treatments and also teach care staff to massage the hands and feet safely. If they chose to use a scent, they would only be able to use a blended product such as Tui Wax by songbird natural and they would have to complete a thorough consultation.
A gentle hand or foot rub with the residents favourite cream would be a wonderful experience. If you are in the UK, you can not use Aromatherapy oils.
Marie 8th Jan 2019 Wellbeing Trainer and Consultant

Aromatherapy for the Elderly

Good evening. Lovely article on the benefits of aromatherapy and massage with the elderly. In Britain you have to be a qualified aromatherapist to use essential oils and it would be very dangerous to use and particularly blend essential oils. I have been a therapist and lecturer providing treatments and training in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. My advice would be to please get some basic massage training and do not use essential oils unless qualified to do so.
Marie lloyd