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Game Therapist From Victoria, Australia

About Michael: Game Therapist working with clients in home, in centres, in community and with organisations.

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Michael 29th Sep 2019 Game Therapist



Does anyone work in private practice in Australia? If so, what is the going pre-funded rate? Is there somewhere online I can find this? I am working with an organisation and don't just want to set an arbitrary rate.
Michael 10th Dec 2018 Game Therapist


You can also try leisure linking. Find the short term residents with similar leisure interests to each other, or even long term residents, and give them a place to hang out together.
Michael 23rd Jul 2018 Game Therapist

Stick Figure Drawing & Storytelling

Michael 23rd Jul 2018 Game Therapist


Is membership of DRTA worth it?

I'm a student studying a Cert 4 in Leisure & Health at Kangan Tafe in Melbourne.

I am thinking of joining DRTA for the student discounts on conferences and workshops.

I am wondering if full membership of DRTA is common in the industry, and if so, why/how?

What are the benefits of membership, do you think?