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Lydia 6th Apr 2021 Life Enrichment Coordinator


Hi, When we were on lockdown. We did magazine scavenger hunts. We created a list of items that could be found in different magazines and the residents tore out the page where the item was located. The magazines were passed out one day and picked up another day. We gave the winner a prize. The residents loved doing the scavenger hunt with magazines.
The magazines were disposed of after each hunt.
Lydia 8th Jan 2019 Life Enrichment Coordinator


Good morning,
I often use warm wash cloths scented with essential oils.
I keep them warm is an oval crockpot. The oval works best because it proves a better events heating area.
Another thing I do is reminisce with dolies, old dresser scarves and embordered pillow cases for the ladies.
Foe men I use old tools and nuts & bolds.
Have fun with it.
Lydia 11th Apr 2018 Life Enrichment Coordinator


Greeting from Ohio,
We discuss a Resident's Right at the end of each Resident Council meeting.
That is a great way to residents become in volved and talk about how thright pertain to them.
Hope this helps.