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Gloria 20th Jun 2018 Activies Coordinator

The Power of Touch in Senior Care

I found your article on the power of touch excellent. It’s possible to gain their trust by holding a hand, a smile means everything to a elderly person . Sometimes it is only touch remains as a form of communication. I have been putting your articles eg “growing old “ on the board in my workplace where I am activities coordinator-
Gloria 31st May 2018 Activies Coordinator

Rhythm Activity with Percussion Instruments

I can totally agree what a excellent activity this is . I do use music in my gentle exercise class everyone reacts to music in a positive way . I will be trying this in the near future .
Gloria 29th May 2018 Activies Coordinator

Rhyming Riddles #7

I have been a member for just over a month . It is such a great help in my job as a activity coordinator in a nursing home .so many new ideas to make life better for my residents.