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Rose 30th Dec 2020 Life Enrichment Coordinator


I have been doing the weekly calendar and they like them more than the monthly. Things do and can change at any time as directed by infection control nurse. It has changed for use 3 times. Its less disappointing to them because its only that week that has to be adjusted not the whole month. Hope that makes sense. I have kept the activities that they enjoy the most so room or hallway bingo, independent crafts, community service project giving to others give them purpose, contests with them or with staff and residents are judges, ways to keep them excited. Hope this helps.
Rose 25th Apr 2020 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Noodle Soccer

These are great ideas. I will be trying them out. My residents volleyball, I got an indoor volleyball net before social distancing began and my folks were so into that game they miss it terribly. Definteley trying the noodle soccer