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Carer From Victoria, Australia

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Milyn 21st May 2018 Carer


Thanks Talita,
God Bless you and keep it up your good works and continue to share your knowledge
to others so we are able to help others too :} which is our future clients :)
all the Best :)
Milyn 19th May 2018 Carer


Hi Talita, thank you so much for your help, I am very passionate person and wanting and desiring to be a good and fun loving lifestyle person I recently enrolled and studying a Diploma of leisure and health and I really want to understand about it. the website you gave is very resourceful and I learn a lot. thank you so much and more power :)
Milyn 18th May 2018 Carer

5 Myths and Misconceptions About Dementia

Thank you for sharing your knowledge to all of Us :) it is very useful information to use to empower the lives and wellbeing of our client's that having Dementia! God Bless you and more power :)
Milyn 13th May 2018 Carer


Hello everyone , I would like to know what is the theories of development in leisure and health program? PLs kindly help me to understand about of Development of recreation health and leisure program? Thanks