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Catherine 11th May 2018 Care Assistant


What an interesting subject and thank you so much for bringing it on! I am a carer who has been asked lately to take on the role of activity coordinator in our care home (2 hours every afternoon, after my morning shift as a carer). I have to insist I was not given the choice. It happened as we tried several qualified activity coordinators in the past and on each occasion it didn't work. On my side, if I could find a moment during my shift when I could do a little activity with the residents, I would grab this occasion to have a little bit of fun with them. So, in the end, my manager decided to put me to the test and make it a regular thing. I was a bit reluctant at first and unsure about it. After all, not only I was not trained for that role but it wasn't the one I had applied for in the first place! But, I decided to raise to the challenge and give it a go. I can't explain how thankful I am to my manager to give me a chance to have a go at it! I enjoy it so much! But most importantly, the residents enjoy it a lot too! I'm a carer, and I know my residents. They are like a family to me. I know what they like, dislike, how to touch them, how to approach them... I make sure that everybody will have a great time, including those residents who are often forgotten because of their lack of capacity. Some might not be able to join a group activity or might not want to, but might enjoy a 1 to 1. When it comes to group activities, my little group I started with a few weeks ago has grown and grown and family members are now asking to join too! It's a total success and I'm so thrilled! What a joy to hear in the morning "Hi Cath! So, what have you planned for us this afternoon? I can't wait!"... I spend a lot of my time at home to prepare my activities when I could be out there enjoying my own life. It's a choice I made when taking on this role. I knew it would be hard work. But what a joy to see some lifeless faces suddenly smiling! At last! Please don't undervalue and depreciate carers. We know our residents so intimately that we often know what can make them happy... And happier....