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Melva 18th Jan 2023 Activity Director

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

I cut them out and used the enlarge option on our copy machine. I then laminated them used a hole punch and a zip tie to keep them together. Almost like flip cards. It works until speech therapy comes up with something else.
Hope this helps.
Melva 22nd Nov 2020 Activity Director

Tin can Shoot 'em Up

We use a Nerf gun with soft foam "bullets" and plastic cups. Everyone really enjoys this activity and I get lots of exercise picking the cups up.
Melva 13th Jan 2019 Activity Director


Thanks, Molly I will try these ideas.
Melva 11th Jan 2019 Activity Director


Any ideas for an introverted lady that is vision and hearing impaired. She has rejected all of my ideas. Was a medical secretary, one daughter and no hobbies.