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Susan 30th Jan 2019 Activity Director


Bird feeders out of pipe cleaners and cheerios. We did it with youngsters and shaped them in heart shaped and hung in trees. Good for birds and fun to do together.
Susan 30th Jan 2019 Activity Director

Bunco Dice Game for Seniors

It is our favorite game as a group to play, we have modified it quite a bit. We usually have 5 tables of 4 each has one score sheet & one bell and 3 dice per table.
We use a dry erase board to keep team scores(tables) Each team makes up a name, they are really funny the names they come up with.
Our scorekeeper starts the game and we all roll the dice at our tables until we total the 21 points or get a bunco. We then ring our bells loudly and a point is given to that team. We play the 6 games and declare a winning team. This usually lasts for about 5 games. Our score sheet holds that many games or more. We get really loud as we compete to win the game. We are seniors so we don't change seats. I do like if a team rolls a BUNCO out of number suite (ex. when rolling ones and you get a BUNCO with 3's it counts as two points, we are going to add that to our games from now on. I also have 4 wonderful volunteers that assist and keep scores at the tables along with playing. A lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.