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Jane 3rd Mar 2020 Activities Coordinator

This Day in History for Seniors: April

Golden carers you never let us down. I have just joined up again and I’m not surprised at the amazing new activities and the old ones are still just as amazing.
Thank you that you make our jobs so much easier and so much more fun to make happen for our lovely residents. To see their smiles and laughter means so much.
Staff participating and even the manager
Jane 22nd Aug 2019 Activities Coordinator


Please can anyone help regarding activities for weekends. There are no activity coordinators that work at the weekends and the nurses struggle to do activities with the residents. I have spoken to the nurses, asking and involving them in what activities would be acceptable for them to participate with the residents within their time scales to do activities With them and I have left out appropriate activities as guided by the staff. Please can anyone help further. I want to do the best for our residents
Jane 27th Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator

5 Mother's Day Activities for Dementia Care

Love all the great ideas. Love golden carers. I have used so many of your ideas since I started and all with great feedback with staff who like to join in too. What a difference I have seen in the residents, more joining in because of giving them time to express what they like to do and always offering for them to join in, whatever the activity. Having so much to offer but not overwhelming them, just a little at a time and someone will show their enthusiasm to give it a try. Thank you golden carers.
Jane 16th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator

Dance Hall Days Reminiscing

Amazing ideas. I have used so many of them. I am going to try this one now. Dance hall days. Well worth the membership. Thank you so much. You are an amazing support. Every week I look forward to seeing what new ideas you are posting. Thank you so much :)