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Karen 19th Feb 2019 Leisure Coordinator


We have a base calendar and I run ideas past my assistant. We then come up with new activities or times that suit everyone. I also find that Leisure and Health work experience students have some great ideas that come from their school.
We have to produce 2 calendars. One for our memory support clients and one for everyone else. As coordinator I would put the calendars together using the joint information from discussions. However there is no reason an assistant couldn’t be trained to do them. I always think it’s a good idea to have knowledge of all work areas and tasks. That way the calendar will still go out on time if I was on leave etc.
Karen 1st Jan 2019 Leisure Coordinator


Hi Pauline, I am in a similar situation (started in October 18). I find with my residents that calls out that including her more helps. She needs to be with the group and kept busy. Picture Bingo was great for her. Engaging other residents with High Care needs has also been an issue but pet therapy is one of the things that always sparks them up. Delta Dogs are great. Otherwise anything they can touch/smell that feels or smells nice to engage their senses.
Good luck.