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Mandy 3rd Mar 2020 Activities Coordinator

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

I did a weekend box and included these ideas in poly pockets. I like the bored board idea.
Mandy 24th Jan 2019 Activities Coordinator

The Price is Right Game

I played this game with my residents and I also researched the prices of the grocery items in the 1940's. We had a lot of fun guessing the cost of each item now and how much they thought it would cost in the 1940's. We spoke about food rationing and reminisced about food during the war. We had a really good morning.
Mandy 9th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator

Halloween Bingo

I am going to play Halloween Bingo with my residents. They love Bingo, so this will be different for them. Also printed the Halloween quizzes too. Some great ideas so glad I joined! It is hard at times to find different activities to do that residents will enjoy! Thank you!