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Antoinette 23rd Jun 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

The Power of an Apology

I love the succinct and basic truth of this article :)
Imagine how different our world would be if everyone considered the impact of their words and actions on others ... Ultimately, we all need to take responsibility for our own actions regardless of what others do, but no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and have bad days, its what we do 'afterwards' that will define the impact of that mistake. If others don't respect this premise, then it will say a lot more about them, then it does about you. Love and hugs to all, keep up the awesome and valuable work folks xxx
Antoinette 3rd Apr 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

Implicit and Explicit Bias in Senior Care

Well written, concise and a great reminder to all, thanks Molly :) xx