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Corrie 21st Nov 2018 Activity Director


Nine of the local schools want to participate in coming unless it is for the holiday. I have even contacted local scout troops to see if they would come. I would love a copy of your calendar. Do you have to post a large 30"+ calendar on the unit it just individual ones in the rooms?
Corrie 19th Nov 2018 Activity Director


I am the Activity Director at a Nursing facility, we have 3 separate floors: 1st floor is for the short stay rehab residents, 2nd floor for long term residents, and 3rd floor is our memory care unit. I am having difficulty finding activities to get the short stay residents involved in and programs for our less advanced memory care residents that they do not find boring/to childish. I am operating on a small budget and we do not have many volunteers. We are located in a small community that is struggling to get back on its feet, so it is difficult to find people who have time to help out in the facility for free.

Any help and or ideas you can give would be greatly appreciated.