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Katie 28th Dec 2021 Activities


Our residents will really be looking forward to this so I'd like to plan something special! We often do High Tea for special occasions which our residents love, so we will probably do one for the jubilee. We have lots of bunting which we will put up, but if you don't have any perhaps you could make some with your residents in the run up to the day? I like the sound of the beacons too, I may try to think of a craft activity we could do to make some beacons. Our residents also love testing their minds with a quiz so I will probably organise a special quiz for them based on the Queen's life
Laura 9th Dec 2020 Activities

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

Thank you all at Golden Carers, it is a brilliant site.
We are about to do 'Cinderella,' lockdown version - and just want to point out that in your list of cast characters, the evil stepmother isn't listed, unless I downloaded an old version.
Best wishes to you all and again
Thank you for so many great ideas!
Laura 20th Feb 2019 Activities


Hi Faith, I think this is a great idea and will ask the residents here if they would like to join in as a group or individuals. If they are interested, I will contact you.