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Pauline 1st Jan 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator


Thanks Susan and Karen. Karen, the issue that is occurring is that no amount of stimulation, one on one, diversion is of any benefit. She is included but disrupts the group that are actively engaging. This may last 5 or 10 minutes then the behaviour continues. The facility I am at is in the process of change and assessing resources, etc. Thanks for your advice.
Pauline 30th Dec 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hello everyone, I am new to this site and have been in my current job as a Lifestyle Coodinator for a month now. I would like some help or assistance on how to engage my residents more effectively as I am finding there is minimal interaction at times. I have a lot of residents in fall out/float chairs and they are mixed with varying care needs, particularly dementia. One particular resident calls out repetitively and disrupts the groups and no activity you provide for her is effective. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.