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Ruth 23rd Feb 2022 Site Mgr

Place the Face - This or That Visual Quiz

I can't wait to try this, it looks like fun
Thanks for coming up with great ideas
Ruth 8th Oct 2021 Site Mgr

Catchphrase Visual Quiz

I can't wait to see how my seniors like this game
I have played it with my family and we love it.
Ruth 22nd Sep 2021 Site Mgr

Thanksgiving Bingo

I am sure our seniors will enjoy this Thanksgiving Bingo,just like the really enjoy playing the Travel, Sightseeing and other great Bingo. I am excited to play the Dice Bingo, am am sure our men will like it. Thanks for the easy to use and inexpensive resources for our seniors.
Ruth 9th Sep 2021 Site Mgr

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

I can't wait to play this game, thank you for games like this for our seniors.

God Bless!
Ruth 12th Aug 2021 Site Mgr

Give Me Five

This a a great game, on Tuesday and Thursday at our senior center we play "Thanks for the memories" (memory/brain games). This is game is perfect to help our clients with recall memory because it always trigger a wonderful memory of a deceased loved one that they can share with the group.