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Lesleah 18th Mar 2021 Christian Science Nurse

Create Your Own Quiz!

We love that we can personalize any of the quizzes you have added this feature to!
One example: We've taken your Proverbs Quiz(zes) and made them into a Create-Your-Own-Proverb kind of activity (because we can now add our own instructions without having to type the whole quiz over ourselves.) This gets our residents laughing at the bulletin board where these are posted. In other quizzes, where needed, being able to personalize means we can also "American-ize" any of the different quiz questions that may be less familiar to our residents. ;-)

Lesleah 2nd Oct 2020 Christian Science Nurse

Brazilian Art Templates

We had already used all of the famous artists' works previously available in our painting sessions; and I am especially delighted to see that there are so many wonderful new artists and further options to choose from. This makes a delightful and well-rounded activity as we can talk a bit about the artist, their life, inspiration and work as we each work on completing our own vision/version of his/her painting.
Thank you!
- Christie
Lesleah 1st Jul 2020 Christian Science Nurse

Newsletter Template - August 2023

Newsletter templates are helpful in at least two ways..
They are idea-inspiring as well as useful just as they are for us to adapt.
Please include more templates?

Thank you!