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Jenny 9th Jul 2019 Volunteer

Are You Using Your Local Library Enough?

I thought you might enjoy this picture of our Memory Café poetry event in the Library on the Isles of Scilly UK as part of Art Scilly week and this year’s cultural festival. They hold regular ‘Telling Tales’ and a children’s reading corner too and various authors have visited to run workshops, tell us about their books and lives. Great location and a busy place.
Jenny 5th Apr 2019 Volunteer

Guess the Word Whiteboard Game

This is very similar to hangman. I generally ask each member of the group to write down 1 word, more than 5 letters if possible, and relating to a particular topic, such as Autumn, Spring, beach for example, and then use the whiteboard to hang the man. Each person takes it in turn to call out a letter and see if they can solve the clue. They are each guaranteed to know one of the words! If there are a lot of people they play in teams. I prefer to have teams so people can talk to each other about the topic.