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John 7th Feb 2019 Retired


hi Molly
Very many thanks for the king words and also for the three links.
I will certainly explore them and hope they will give me a fresh look at the possibilities of stretching the brains of my fellow oldies.
I am most grateful'
John 5th Feb 2019 Retired


I am living in an Independent Living Retirement Village with 120 residents.
We have a Men’s Group meeting each week for about 90 minutes and I introduced a weekly puzzle time using “Quizzles” from books by Michael Pohl. These have been greatly enjoyed and I am sure that memories have improved over the weeks as they are usually solved within a few minutes.

Sadly I am almost at the end of the third book and I am looking for a replacement puzzle source. I was looking for “Rebus” puzzles on line but cannot trace any yet. I have tried anagrams, which are quite easy to compose, but harder to solve, and they are not popular as yet.

I cannot claim to be a carer but I am, at the age of 87, the chair of the Residents’ Committee and try to keep everyone happy.