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Shane 8th Aug 2020 Director Of Nursing


I love the armchair travel packages and I love that the preparation is done so comprehensively. Thank you. I am updating documentation for this program and am wondering about the goals/intended outcomes. I have identified, purposeful and meaningful engagement along with the cultural and reminiscence opportunities. What else should I include?
Shane 28th Feb 2020 Director Of Nursing


We held a Mad Hatter's tea party at the facility yesterday, following a week of frenzied hat making, using ideas sourced on Pinterest.

We decorated with bunting, balloons and mad hatter posters made from images found on the internet. Tables were decorated with fine china, floral arrangements and mad hatter placemats - laminated images from Pinterest. High tea was served with delicacies from the kitchen.

We started the afternoon with a hat parade, with commentary from one of the staff. This was followed by afternoon tea, during which time we shared silly riddles. (Each resident was given a riddle in a small envelope at the beginning of the afternoon.)

Afternoon tea was followed by croquet, pin the grin on the Cheshire cat, and building structures from cards. We had planned egg and spoon races but time didn't permit.

It was a huge success for residents, family members and staff. We will repeat next year.