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Director Of Recreation From Saskatchewan, Canada

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Carla 22nd Jan 2020 Director Of Recreation


We have a Men's Coffee Group where one of our volunteers (a retired teacher/principal) leads discussion on many different topics. The group doesn't usually want to gather if he isn't there. Once every 6 weeks, we have a Men's Breakfast where we cook breakfast to order. Over easy eggs, fresh toast, bacon, hashbrowns....sometimes a home made cinnamon bun too. The guys get to give their "order" and we cook right there in front of them. (We have hot plates that we use for this and other purposes as we don't have a kitchen area in our common spaces) I know that it probably wouldn't work without that volunteer so taking some time to find the right person to lead this program will make a difference. (We have also taken the men fishing, to the airplane museum, to a hockey game, etc)