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Donna 15th Mar 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinatir


Thank you for your kind suggestions it really has helped. We do already have entertainers coming into the home where the whole house comes together and our local church service comes once a month and gives a service in house which is popular.
I will definitely find out more with respect of hospice services as I wasnt aware of that and agree volunteers would take the pressure of.
Can I say that Golden Carers have helped me on so many ways to date, it is a fantastic resource and gives reassurance to know we are one of many activity organisations who can sometimes feel quite alone at difficult times. Many thanks for your suggestions.
Donna 12th Mar 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinatir


Hi could you help me out, I am the Lifestyle Co-ordinator for a 81 bed eldery care home. We have two floors in the main building (upstairs nursing and end of life) for 30 people, downstairs 30 residents and a separate dementia unit for 20 residents. We have 2 full time activities and 1 part time (2 days a week).
I introduced different clubs I.e gardening g, cooking, arts and crafts at different locations around the house for each floor to take part in. Which has worked. However the dementia unit want us to do 4 hours a day in there unit as they feel they need more going on over there on a daily basis. How would you co-ordinate the 3 units, would you have an allocated person on each floor or continue to mix them up so they can enjoy like minded people and different locations. I'm feeling frustrated as I feel we need more on our team, but that is not possible at the moment. Thoughts and ideas please. Thank you.