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Jan 9th Jun 2022 Activity Director


Thank You All! Great help, I will be looking at all of these ideas and this fall when I do the Lifetime Achievement Awards I will share how everything went!
Jan 2nd Jun 2022 Activity Director


Good Morning! My name is Valerie I work under Jan. I love love love this app!!! We are thinking of having a Lifetime Acheivement Award for our residents, (we are a 35 bed facility). What are some interview questions that you have asked your residents? If anyone has done an activity like this can you share how you implemented it? Thank You! Looking forward to feedback!!!
Jan 6th Jul 2021 Activity Director

1950s Nostalgia Party

LOVE this site!! I am on it everyday. So many great activities we have used from here!! Our Administrator promised to always renew our membership!!!! LOL!
Jan 27th Mar 2020 Activity Director


Thank you lots of ideas for me to try!
Jan 25th Mar 2020 Activity Director


Great ideas! But I am struggling with ideas for our Dementia residents. I cannot get them together for music, bingo, exercise or any group activity. I have been doing things like foot massages, reading stories, passing out puzzle books. I need a new ideas please!