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Joelle 4th Mar 2021 Recreation Worker

Australian Animals Quiz

it would be absolutely FABILOUS Darlings if there were photos!!! What do you think!!!?? Most people don't have an image in their minds as to what a bilbie is... I sure don't!! Thanks :)
Joelle 17th Feb 2021 Recreation Worker

11 Leadership Tips in a Time of Crisis


Please, please, refrain from using 'social' distancing. It is 'physical' distancing that is required. We are social beings. This mis-use has been present along this whole world event and has caused harm to many who have taken it and unfortunately so, literally!! Thank you for hearing this comment.
Joelle 24th Apr 2020 Recreation Worker


Would love to share here regarding terminology to create greater sense of wellness and connectedness....

I have come across the use of the phrasing - PHYSICAL DISTANCING while socially engaging - and find it allows people to feel less 'socially isolated'…. How does that sound to you?
Would this phrasing be a more friendly and caring way of addressing our present circumstances for and with the elders we care for and work with ? It still respects the present guidelines offered by official bodies regarding the situation at hand. Would Golden Carers and membership appreciate such a phrasing ?
Very sincerely,