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Mohini 1st Nov 2020 Lifestyle Officer

Resistive Behaviour Care Plan Sample

Many Many thanks for the information and ideas , it makes our job easier , we are so busy, at times , we don't have time to organise activities , most of the facilities has different settings . Have to do other duties that dose not come under, Lifestyle. Due to corona virus , we are doing , 1-1 activities , 2 staffs only x 60 residents , visit all consumer's , three times per day. May god bless you all , for sharing your ideas . I really appreciate .
Mohini 9th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Officer


Hi Solange & Susan, thank you ,
For the information lady’s , I got
double Diploma , in Community service work & Counseling , been working in aged care more than ten years , I just updated my resume and
Submit to the management, to commence Volunteer work , with in a
Week , I was offered the job , that
I was not ready to do yet, I have to start on Monday , I was bit socked ,
I am nervous , but thanks god , that
I join Golden care , I got all of you
Generous and intelligent people to
Help me out . I feel like singing
Amazing Grace , many many thanks to you all , I will follow this like “my
Bible “.
Mohini 9th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Officer

Identifying Needs of Clients entering Long Term Care

Many many thanks for the infor. as I was offered the position ,when I just started to volunteer I had some ideas, working in aged care for years, but this is fantastic , makes May Day to day
job easier, so I can concentrate on other things and spent more time with the consumers
May god bless to all the member's input, really appreciated.
Mohini 7th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Officer


Hey to you all , I just became a member ,I would really appreciate if someone can let me know what the Lifestyle Coordinator does , what are the duties, I would like to apply for this
position ??