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Director Of Recreation From Ontario, Canada

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Sara 12th Jul 2020 Director Of Recreation


Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone has creative ideas to engage family members in the life of their long term care home during the pandemic. We are doing window visits, phone calls, video chats, and outdoor distanced visits. My residents and families are really struggling with being apart, and I new in my role and hoping to make some positive changes.

My ideas for more engagement right now are:
- Sending a weekly email blast with photos to families to show what their loved ones have been up to.
- Starting a letter writing club where I can assist residents in writing to their loved ones penpal style.
- Starting an activity cart for the outdoor visits so family and residents can borrow some recreation equipment (that can be sanitized or disposed of) during their distanced visit (bean bag toss, cross words, large playing cards, etc).

Does anyone have anything creative they are doing to connect loved ones and residents while visiting is on hold?
Thank you!