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Activities Coordinator From England, United Kingdom

About Lauren: Activities Coordinator at Norton Lodge Residential Home in Runcorn, England.

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Lauren 9th Jan 2020 Activities Coordinator


Great suggestions thank you so much! Looking forward to trying some of them out!
Lauren 4th Jan 2020 Activities Coordinator


Hi, I’m an activity co-ordinator at a resedential home in the UK specialising in dementia care. I have only recently come in to this job and did a lot of more special activities over the Christmas period (Christmas party, pantomime, carol services, karaoke and that sort of thing) but with the New Year I’m starting to feel as though I’m falling in to a rut with regular activities: I don’t want to be repetitive and want to give the residents some variation so they don’t feel we are repeating the same games over and over. The residents at our facility have extremely varied levels of capability and understanding, and also seem to prefer activities which are simple but still engaging (they do not really have the patience for anything too complicated, and get easily frustrated with puzzles and quizzes). I’m also finding hard to find things to do to keep them active as we are a small home without a lot of extra space, and getting outside isn’t really an option in the winter months. Does anybody have any suggestions for activities and ideas that might help me keep out of this rut? Thanks!