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Carer/OTA Assit From Western Australia, Australia

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Christine 6th Apr 2021 Carer/OTA Assit

Short Stories about Forgiveness

Hi, I hope all of you had a really great Easter.
I am offered a casual job as a therapy assistant and I assist with activities one of my activities is to read a story to the residents before they all go to bed. I choose short stories as I feel a longer one is a bit too much for the end of the day. As they have plenty of activities during the day.
What do you think is a good idea. Long or short
Christine 29th Jun 2020 Carer/OTA Assit

Aboriginal Words Word Search

I love this site and I am learning a lot from all of you. Thank you so much for all the advise and input towards the activities. I am doing a back to work programme helping with the acctivities. I was a carer/ cook for 25years but hurt my shoulder and have to find another job. I am enjoying been a activities assistant and I am so glad I was introduced to this site. Good luck and thank you everyone. xx Chris
Christine 17th Dec 2019 Carer/OTA Assit


Thanks Susan thanks so much.I appreciate your time in replying. I love this group. Great ideas. Which I will be using.
Christine 10th Dec 2019 Carer/OTA Assit


Hi everyone I am doing some light duties due to a injury assisting the OTA I am so new to this and was wondering if anyone can help me in what I could do when a resident reverts to their original language during activities. Please help sometimes I just smile and show her some hand movements to finish the task. But she gets agitated. Please help