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Amy 25th Nov 2020 Activation Aide


While these are all lovely ideas, we can't have any of the above. I do not know the exact reasoning behind not being allowed any decorations, but it literally means no decorations at all, unless they can be cleaned with disinfecting wipes any time they may be touched. This also includes hanging décor, where the virus may sit on it for some time. This is coming from public health, or someone higher then staff here in our facility. I am thinking that laminating will be our best bet!
Amy 24th Nov 2020 Activation Aide


Hi Everyone! We have recently found out that we are to have no Christmas decorations due to the pandemic. I am trying to come up with some creative ways that we could celebrate and decorate, and be COVID safe. Still waiting for approval of what is and isn't approved, but this is at least a start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!