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Pamela 19th Mar 2020 Activity Director

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

As we await the results of a resident that was tested for the virus, we are on complete lockdown and isolation. No outside visitors, residents confined to their rooms.
Despite phone contact with family, this separation has understandably caused some anxiety for those who receive family visits daily. We finally found a use for all those boxes of donated note cards! It seems to have helped some of our residents to write a note to their sister, son or daughter and let them know "I'm OK". For many of our residents that means dictating a note to activity staff and simply signing the card.
We've also spent productive time cleaning out drawers - a chore, as well as good one on one time, is accomplished.
We are distributing a Puzzle of the Day to high functioning residents - those who participate will have a special catered lunch when the virus threat is over.
Don't forget a good old fashioned ice cream cart - an ice cream sandwich always makes things seem better!
Hang in there everybody!