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Private Sitter For The Elderly From Maryland, United States

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Tonia 27th Oct 2022 Private Sitter For The Elderly

Armchair Travel to England

I . Enjoy preparing. our dinning room for our arm chair travels. our clients enjoy this trip once a month. we have traveled to several places and this week on Thursday we will be traveling toe England. i have had a lot of clients tell me i have been places that i may never get to travel to in the physical, but i have enjoyed traveling there virtual. that does my heart so well seeing that they are enjoying our armchair travels, and they always asking me where we are going next. I always say where do you all want to go next. this whole program has been a very big help to me, and i have found it enjoyable. for my clients. Thank you all so much for this program.
Tonia 2nd Sep 2022 Private Sitter For The Elderly

How to Celebrate Chocolate Milkshake Day

I plan on doing this activity on September 12, 2022. I have even made cardboard milk shape shape game pieces to play the game. My group is looking forward to this day. Thank you so much for the idea.
Tonia 21st Feb 2022 Private Sitter For The Elderly

Armchair travel with Google Maps

I am new at this activty assistant . I came upon the armchair travei iea and I will be taking the clients on an armchair trip once a month . My first trip will be in march were going to hawaii. I have planned to give out llies when they arrive inour big tv room. Wher its enough room to social distan, and will be serving a fruity drink, and snack from hawaii. Thank Golden Carers for this site.