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Shantel Genest 26th Jan 2023 Activity Coordinator

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Shantel 13th Mar 2021 Activity Coordinator


Helping residents adapt to technological advance.

I'm looking for advice on helping out seniors utilize unnecessarily complicated technology. Our cable provider recently upgraded to a wireless 4K system. Several of our residents have been forced to change their systems and are no longer able to navigate their TVs by themselves.
This is beyond cheat sheets and labelling remotes- it becomes an issue of accessing apps like Netflix, youtube, and a very different format of cable channels.
Instead of turning the power on and flipping to a channel they enjoy, they must navigate a series of screens to the app that provides them with whatever type of show most of them are interested in.
It makes me so mad that these residents are paying more than the others with standard cable for a service they can barely use. Additionally, they are required to register for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Internet if they want to access more than the very limited number of included channels.

Maybe this is a rant. Maybe a call for help. Ideas, suggestions, support....whatever you've got I will gladly take it.
Shantel 11th Jun 2020 Activity Coordinator

Brain Games for Senior Care: What is Neurobics?

So many great "out of the ordinary" ideas here! I think my group will love some of these.