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Aloha Hope these ideas may be of some help! : 0 )

• Have residents write out their favorite recipe take a pic with your smart phone so you don’t have to bring the paper back out of the room. Rewrite the recipes and compile into a book. Give each resident their own copy take turns making their dishes (if feasible) then let the residents write their compliments to share with each other as well! If you are letting them taste the dishes then you can let them score 1-10 the highest scoring recipe persons gets a prize 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

• Write their favorite short story then compile the stories make little booklets and give out to each of the residents to read.

• Have each resident write their best memory compile the booklet and hand out.

• Write best joke compile the booklet and hand out.

• Do encouragement cards between the residents (you can xerox their original note, that way the guest receiving the note/card gets a “clean” piece of paper. Or again you can take a pic with your smart phone print out the screenshot or rewrite.

• Assist in decorating their rooms for Easter. Or if not Easter perhaps their favorite sports team, or favorite state or country to travel to etc. and decorate away!

• Pass out mini tarts, cupcake or cake squares with a small dish of frosting and decorations that they can put on top. Give them some time then go back around when they are done decorating and take a picture compile all the pics onto one or two sheets have residents vote on their favorite one most creative. the 1st ,2nd ,3rd place winners get a prize.