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Andrea 30th May 2020 Lifestyle Assistant

Cockney Slang Rhyming Words

I loved the idea of this and made up a 'cockney-slang' story. Alas, my residents found it very confusing and it did not go down too well. May be it was a big ask for Australians to understand if even Londoners can't. We had a good laugh but I think I will shelve this one under 'too hard'.
Andrea 18th May 2020 Lifestyle Assistant


Hi Laura, we have a zoom program where residents may speak with their loved ones, we have a welcome window for visitors (2 at a time by appointment) to chat through the window. Our young child visitors are sending letters and paintings with help from their moms and dads and we help with the return letters. Our wonderful volunteers have started a video concert where they are recording them selves playing instruments, singing and telling jokes and stories, our residents then watch them on the TV.
We also arranged a Mothers Day high tea in the enchanted forest, complete with fairies (the staff dressed in hot pink wings and tutus) with games and strawberries in pink sparkling wine with the phrase 'if you can't be with the one you love then love the one you are with.'
Andrea 29th Mar 2020 Lifestyle Assistant

This Day in History for Seniors: April

I have been volunteering at an Aged Care Facility for 3 years and have just been given the job of Lifestyle Assistant, then the world went crazy!! I would like to thank you for all your ideas, I have just completed the April Calendar with lots of your wonderful ideas to fill in the gaps where I would have been taking the residents on bus tours/outings. Thank you so much, I am already looking forward to May and all the wonderful activities I can share with them.
One activity we play on a regular basis is Hang Man. We play on a huge white board and I play the part of the executioner pretending to be sad when they get the answers right (they are very good) and the little man 'gets away'. The laughter that it inspires is truly wonderful to hear and they get a small prize for freeing him. :)