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Jam 20th Dec 2021 Activities Coordinator


How do you manage giving out prizes for your quizzes or trivia games or just any kind of game where the active participation is very few. Out of 30 residents there would only be 5 - 8/10 who participates and maybe just about 3 who is really into it. I work in an aged care hospital unit. We can't be giving the lollies to just 1 or 2 residents.. I was thinking of making a tally and collate at the end of the week? or month? Or something like every 3 correct answers will get you a prize.
Jam 13th Dec 2021 Activities Coordinator


Hi everyone. I am now working at a 40 bed Hospital Unit for the elderly. They have not had any consistent activities for quite some time and I have just taken over the DT position. Any ideas to get them back to engaging and interacting? We have been doing quizzes and riddles which are always welcomed. Sing-alongs. Bingo is not very famous with this group though. Would love to hear new ideas from you! Thanks!
Jam 9th Oct 2021 Activities Coordinator


Hi everyone! I am a solo diversional therapist in a 35 bed facility that has a number of young people with disabilities. I'm talking about 20 yrs. old - mid adult and majority of them are males. I am having a hard time thinking of engaging activities as all of them are physically challenged and think activities are for children. Music and happy hours is a given, though assistance from care staff to transfer them to the chairs is another story. I can't even bring them on outings coz our van would only allow 1 wheelchair and most of them are unable to get up on the van. I am really frustrated and of course management would want to increase attendance to the activities.

Any advise of suggestions is very much appreciated. Thank you!