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Fay 4th Mar 2021 Program Facilitator

Cross Country with Bud - Short Story

I love this site. Have been on it for nearly 3 hours now. Last March I lost my job due to restructuring and thought I wouldn’t need to be looking for activities. I’ve kept in contact with a few of the clients and try to visit in their homes once a fortnight. I take along with me some activities from golden carers. I visit one lady who cannot speak so being one on one finding it difficult to accommodate. Have managed some dice and card games and flower and garden collage and drawing and colouring in. Without golden carers I could not have been able to do this. Many many thanks to everyone who contribute. Fay
Fay 26th Jan 2021 Program Facilitator

Smart & Humorous One-Liners

Hi. Have been reading the animal jokes and shared them with my family before printing. They haven’t stopped laughing. I love them and I always try them on my family before sharing with the clients.
Fay 3rd Dec 2020 Program Facilitator

Art Templates - Artists born in January

Hi everyone. The activities that are offered are awesome. I am always looking for something on the golden carers page. I certainly could not do without. My dementia clients enjoy the challenges. Many thanks. Fay