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Susan 16th Mar 2021 Skilled Nursing


I love the Students idea, a lot of programs high school or Vocational schools require community service hours to complete their course, I had to do it in Nursing School. If you have nursing student already doing clinical at your facility if could be something you could mention to them and organize it for them.

Also a lot of Smart TV's are compatible with Alexa. There is still a learning curve, anyone who has worked with Alex knows she comes up with some random things when you ask her to play something etc. That would be frustrating but at least they could "Alexa.. Turn on Tuner Classic Movies. You can also set the current technology up for easier use with favorites or default choice options. We use the Roku Device and their services with ESPN and Disney but I'm only a 6 bed sub acute setting so its a but easier to do. I am even researching Alexa voice technology with smart room technology. For someone who cant get out of bed and may have lost their independence being able to turn their own light on is a huge deal for them. Lots of great thing here ladies