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Rene 28th Feb 2023 Activity Director

Hot Seat Game

Rene 16th Nov 2022 Activity Director

Hot Seat Game

I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for sharing this game! I introduced it this morning, and my residents loved it! I can always tell when a game is a big hit, and this ticked all the boxes! I have a light white board that is on easel like legs, and is easy to move around. I put it behind the resident in the "Hot Seat," and let them guess 5 words, then I moved the board behind the next resident. It's great for the person in the "Hot Seat," but it's also great for the "Clue Givers." They worked really hard at coming up with creative ways to describe the words. Great Game!
Rene 8th Oct 2022 Activity Director

Indoor Bocce Game

This sounds like lots of fun! Thanks for sharing, and you gave great instructions!
Rene 5th Apr 2022 Activity Director

Great Minds Think Alike Word Game

Thank you! I got this idea from someone else, but I changed the name, and tweaked it to meet the needs of my group. I like your idea of having 3 or 4 choices to choose from, I'm wondering if you couldn't type it all up like a multiple choice worksheet. Perhaps they could circle the word that they wanted to choose, and then you could award points to any that circled the same word. I'm not sure about the ability levels of your lower functioning people, but that might be an option. I think it would still be profitable just going around the room and asking everyone to say what they would put in the blank, and not keep score. It still gets them thinking and they can come up with some pretty interesting answers! It can spark a lot of laughter.
Rene 28th Mar 2022 Activity Director

Great Minds Think Alike Word Game

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