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Diane 24th Jan 2023 Activity Coordinator


I came with one question but now I have two:
1) is there a safe way to let residents iron clothes? I have a few who are capable, under supervision of course, but I'm afraid of the high possibility of burning accidents.
2) when you use kitchen items, do you just set the items out to try? Or do you reminisce as you talk about the items? I tend to only want to use them in food making activities, but that really limits exposure to the items and limits the number of people who can participate.
Look forward to your ideas!
Diane 5th Aug 2022 Activity Coordinator

Left-Handers Game

In my immediate family, all four of the girls are left-handed, and our brothers are both right-handed. We also have two uncles who are/were left-handed. My uncle would often greet me with some little left-handed quip, such as "We were all born right-handed - only some of us got over it" (that's my favorite). And, of course, left-handed people are the only ones in their right minds.
And another bit of trivia: "Gauche" (pronounced with a long "o" vowel sound) is the French word for "left." Did you ever hear anyone say "that's so gauche" or "how gauche"? Phrases like that are generally used in a derogatory way. Because, being left-handed was once considered anywhere from being a handicap to being of the devil.
Thanks for this activity idea! and thanks for this wonderful website!