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Stephanie 27th Jul 2020 Activities Assistant


Great question and I find with Covid we are facing new challenges! What we do for our "loners" is we put together an activity packet that consists of a daily chronicle, coloring pages, crossword puzzles, etc. and we provided them each with a pencil case of colored pencils and pens to do said activities as well as a sharpener. Since all of our residents are confined to their rooms for infection control policies we put together a cart with a theme each day and provide snacks, happy hour, or an activity that is manageable. I am finding that our isolators enjoy these carts especially as we are coming to them and they don't have to leave their room or socialize with anyone else. We also offer one on one and ask if they want to be read to, sit outside on the patio for awhile, play a card game, etc. However, there are always going to be those residents who prefer to be left alone and they don't mind the isolation and we respect their wishes to do so. We just make sure to care plan and document in progress notes so that we are covered and it's known we try and they aren't neglected but that they just refuse. You can only do so much! Hope this helps!