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Community Life Memory Care From Ohio, United States

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Kim 20th Mar 2022 Community Life Memory Care

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

We use pool noodles cut in half in several ways. If we play balloon volleyball the noodle extends their reach. We also use them in general exercise i.e. side to side when they are rowing a canoe. If we are raising our arms right and left we hold the noodle to "touch the ceiling" . We practice "hand over hand to climb our noodle" squeezing as hard as we can.
Be sure to have a variety of colors on hand - it gives them a choice when they seldom get to pick something.
Kim 3rd Mar 2022 Community Life Memory Care

Who's Who in the Photo

On our memory loss unit we asked families to send in (if available) photos of our residents as children. They ranged between ages 1 through 9. We mounted them on poster board and each was assigned a number. Families, residents and staff all enjoyed playing guess WHO AM
I ? One woman didn't recognize herself but was thrilled to see her sister sitting beside her in the photo