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Kelly 6th Nov 2020 Recreation Coordinator

Memorial Day Poppy (Fabric)

We made some Poppies today and the residents enjoyed it. We made it a group effort, some traced the CD, some cut out the circles and others sewed. It started great conversations and they all loved the finished product. Thank you so much for this activity.
Kelly 16th Oct 2020 Recreation Coordinator

Read-Aloud: Audience Participation Story #1

This went over very well with our Residents. I was so happy to see how much they were enjoying this activity. When we finished up with the story the conversation and reminiscing started. They were also talking about how much fun they had and saying "when we do this next time". Thank you!
Kelly 14th Sep 2020 Recreation Coordinator

Short Jokes & One-Liners

I have just started working as a Life Enrichment Aide in a retirement home and I used some of these jokes to break the ice at our first coffee and chatting session. It was a great way to get some conversationsleep started. I even put one on our monthly calender.
Thank you!