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Shelley 14th Feb 2021 Activities Aide


Yes, there is an opening for activity director. The activity director we had is moving into human resources. My concern is that there will be an activity director and one assistant. Tha assistant will be devoted to a secured unit. There will be no assistant for the rest of the building. So, if I take the position I will need to take on the activity director role as well as all assistant duties for the rest of the building. I am anxious and foresee possible overload and burnout, since there will be a lack of an assistant. I am wanting to take the internship/practicum courses for activity director as well. I just wish there would be more assistants for support. I would like to have a healthy transition. Any suggestions? I have told the administrator that I am on the fence about applying for the position, but would like to take the activity director courses and proceed from there.
Shelley 10th Feb 2021 Activities Aide


I have been an activity assistant for 5 years and am wanting to move into the activity director position. Seeking advice for how to do so? I am looking into the MEPAP 1 and MEPAP 2 route. I have a B.S. in Biology and past experience in teaching and dental assisting as well. I suffer from anxiety in regards to change. Advice on how to relax in a possible new role?