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Electa 23rd Jan 2021 Activity coordinator


Thank you all so much I have kept the residents Busy with arts and crafts sun catchers and tile picture frames etc I ended up having the residents color some positive quotes sheets and have hung them up and have hung up all the sun catchers and they are happy with the way the room looks. I am very fortunate i have a huge activity room i even have a section that is set up as the corner cafe with 3 round tables and on the counters there is a coffee machine that has both reg. coffee decaf. coffee and hot water for tea anyway it is very hard to decorate due to its size we all have a budget which makes it even harder. I do want to say that this site has helped me so very much and so worth the fee.
Electa 6th Jan 2021 Activity coordinator


Hello everyone I am drawing a blank and need some suggestions. What should I decorate my Activity room with for the month of January? I know that MLK day is in this Month I will decorate for that the day of . What I need is what should I use for table Center pieces etc. .
I have 13 tables in my Activity Room that I do every month and have been lucky that I started as the Activity Coordinator this pass Oct. I have worked in Nursing my whole working career which i love but needed a change and I love what I do but again am lost for the month of January. Thank You in Advance. ( I work in a 100 bed ALF in St. Petersburg, Florida )