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Nicola 4th Jan 2021 Deputy Manager


Hi Everyone,

I am a little stuck and was looking for advice. I have a service user who speaks old Cantonese. As you are probably aware , this is very rare now and its becoming increasingly difficult to provide activities for this lady. My question is has anyone come across this problem before? and if on the off chance does anyone on here speak or can write old Cantonese?

Thank you
Nicola 4th Jan 2021 Deputy Manager


Hi I am on annual leave from the 11th of this month so I am in the same position. I am currently making individual activity packs which are personalised for each individual person. So for one of my service users, she likes to knit so as well as the usual I have attached a couple of new knitting patterns for her to give a go while I am away.
In these packs I have also put individual note books for any one to write in so that when I return I can use these to update the care plans.