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Mandy 24th Jun 2021 Certified Nursing Assistance


Hello. I work as a CNA in a care home and I work with some wonderful, wonderful caregivers but there is a LOT for them to learn.
I am training them all and was wondering if anyone made some Vital sign cards???? I dont really have any money to buy any but I feel it is important for these caregivers to have something like this to help them understand everything.
PLease help
I tried to attach a picture of what I am kind of looking for
Mandy 24th Jun 2021 Certified Nursing Assistance


I would love to follow this I will think of ideas as well. Great idea
Mandy 8th Jun 2021 Certified Nursing Assistance

This Day in History for Seniors: July

I started using these 2 weeks after starting my new job and my boss told me after a few days off that I can not leave anymore with out having these for the residents. lol.... he says everyone kept asking for them all the days I was gone. Great job. Thank you for sharing.
Mandy 16th Mar 2021 Certified Nursing Assistance

Fill out the form please

did anyone do this that can share a PDF of some of the ones you use??/ I keep searching for some but not finding good ones for them to use. Any help is appreciated.