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Retired Teacher Of English From Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

About Bernard: Teacher of English and retired now. Aged almost 70.

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Bernard 29th Apr 2021 Retired Teacher Of English

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Bernard 29th Apr 2021 Retired Teacher Of English

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Bernard 28th Feb 2021 Retired Teacher Of English


I have been thinking about scrabble by email.

Would it to too difficult . I have found out this :

It can be played single vs single but I, as a single could play against a small group of your residents who could get together and the whole group would imagine one name; therefore depite playing versus a group, I would imaginatively be playing against one person . They could build up a group and play as if they were one person.They could call the group AWAHTG (= Australian (Australia's) Way Around Half The Globecall the group name they One go wold be English/English, the next go might be French/French. They are a lot better than me at English and conversedly. I've called myself FWAHTG (French Way Around Half The Globe. The email address for that activity would be [email protected]
Click on the link and fill up the windows, ilf you please.



PS : Date and time over here : Paris (I live in Wattrelos, 10 miles from Lille and half a mile from the Belgian border) Saturday 27th February 9.33 pm // Sidney, Sunday 28th February 6.33 a&m.

Ps : Oddly enough, I was talking to an Australian man who is a member of the same organization as one those I am involved in. He said he lived quite near the famous Coral Reef and that the heat was barely bearable.
Bernard 24th Feb 2021 Retired Teacher Of English


Thank you for all your kind replies.

As I mentioned, I live in France up in the north of France. Lille is the nearest large town, 15 miles away from where I live. Besides, I live half a mile from the Belgian border. I do not know where your location is.

I cannot actually be with you physically.

Therefore mailing or skyping could be an interesting idea. I, myself, am about to turn 70.

Too, I weekly video host a group of five to six people aged 60 and over and with heeding ideas from some of the kind people on this forum, we could think out and work out activities that would obviously need connecting with the residents using computer programs like Whatsapp or Meet or Zoom or Skype. The one I have rather a good command of is Google Meet (Gmail).

I am not a professional at all.

Looking forward to reading your emails,


Bernard 23rd Feb 2021 Retired Teacher Of English


My name is Bernard, I am French and live in France. I got interested in the idea of doing activities with elderly people in your care home.

My dad died a year vand a half ago in a French care home. He wasn't plagued by dementia but had no memory left.

I am no professional at all. I am 70 and would like to do something to entertain the residents, preferably one to one or a very small group to begin with. Could anyone help me out ?

God bless you all,