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Sherry 25th Dec 2021 Activities Assistant


YouTube has the New Years Countdown for Nickalodian. Its meant for a countdown to noon years day! You can show a previous year!
Sherry 17th Aug 2021 Activities Assistant

Koala Keno

We also do travel size lotions, toothpaste, bath and body soaps, etc.
Sherry 10th Aug 2021 Activities Assistant


I have seen in some facilities, especially the ones that have rehab that they do a daily calendar of events for each individual. It's a lot more work but then it is given on a daily basis on top of the regular wall calendar or instead of.
Sherry 8th Aug 2021 Activities Assistant


I find that the staff play a huge part in the attendance of residents to events. Make sure the staff is motivated to get them their. We often include the staff(CNAs and Nurses) in treats such as ice cream. This motivates them to try and help us out by getting their residents involved in the activities.
Sherry 8th Aug 2021 Activities Assistant

What's In the Bag

That's a very good idea Vivian. Yes, this would be great for memory care residents.
Sherry 8th Aug 2021 Activities Assistant

Fishing Game

You could also number the fish and have them try to catch them in order of how they go. This would work for residents that are more alert and oriented. Also you could choose to mark Zoink on the back of one of the fish. Tell them to try to find all the fish accept the one that is marked with with the word zoink on it. If you catch that one then you are eliminated from the fishing game. Another version would be to put names of prizes on the backs of the fish. Which ever fish they catch dictates the prize the win. One fish can have the big prize on it.