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About Tamara: Activities Director at The Fountains Skilled Nursing Facility. Northern California

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Tamara 16th Aug 2023 Activities Manager


I came to say this, I believe its Acker Bilk. His Moonlight Serenade is lovely.
Tamara 19th Apr 2023 Activities Manager


Hi Peter, I use the calendar as a resource. I download 11x17 and type into the calendar boxes. I generally have 2 morning activities, 2 afternoon activities with a scheduled hour for room visits. A lot of the quizzes, word ladders etc. I print them up and generally enlarge them. We do Today in history a couple of times in a month and This week in history every Sunday. My current clientele would not be able to use technology, maybe in a few more years.
Tamara 6th Apr 2022 Activities Manager

15 Easter Celebration Ideas from Around the World

I always remember doing the egg and spoon race growing up in England....maybe it could be revisited with a twist :)
Tamara 11th Jan 2022 Activities Manager

How To Review Your Activity Calendar

The struggle is definitely real...we make a point of asking during Resident Council, the problem there is that it includes our more cognitive residents that already have a big say as to what they like to see on the calendar. Changes are often met with sulking from them. I have included over the past 6 months a Spanish Speakers Group and a Punjabi Speakers Group 1x month each and that has gone well. I would love to see/read how others deal with their more cognitive residents and the complaints of 'nothing to do' when we offer activities for those with less cognitive abilities.
Tamara 7th Dec 2021 Activities Manager

Dice Bingo

My residents are enjoying this new spin on one of their old favourites :)